Inner Body Pillow Special Dakimakura Cover

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Life sized Inner Body Pillow, soft & durable perfect for your dakimakura cover.

Combine the Inner Pillow with Your Dakimakura Cover and get the Discount bundle!

Whether you sleep on your back, front or the side, our body pillow will be the best companion for you while offering excellent support. Easy to maintain, our Inner Body Pillow is machine washable and is filled with non-allergic material. This super comfy body pillow will wonderfully change the way you sleep.Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be closer to your Waifu / Husbando?

Being able to wake up every morning with an Anime Body Pillow Cover is undoubtedly the best way so far to create a unique connection with the character that you love. You will be able to touch, cuddle, snuggle and share relaxing moments with the Waifu or Husbando of your choice!Those long body pillows with life-size designs are becoming the most popular pillows worldwide for otaku and other mangas lovers. Waifu pillows and Husbando pillows are simply the perfect items and gifts for a fan of
Japanese cartoon. There is nothing more soothing than sitting on your couch or bed while cuddling your sweet character.

They come in two significant types : The Waifu Pillow, which has designs of an anime girl, and the Husbando Pillow with a Male Character. No matter your choice of type and style, you will enjoy having a super soft pillow to snuggle in!
Anime Pillows will provide satisfaction and emotional support. If you don't like to sleep by yourself, it will help you relieve your loneliness. Those cushions sometimes even helps to reduce anxiety. Undoubtedly, having the chance to share unique moments of your life and feel closer by having physical contact with the character you love is something different that only dakimakura users could describe.

Indeed, they are as good for your soul as they are for your body and even your sleep!
A lot of our users experience better nights and sleep. Are you wondering why? Because those long pillows are ideal for your posture, their size is perfect for supporting your torso, arms, and legs. They also help to prevent discomfort and soreness that we all have after sleeping in mediocre positions. Being relaxed, feeling safe, and cozy are all the reasons that will naturally improve the quality of your sleep.

💓 XXL Pillow
🍑 Super soft
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Product information:

  • Fits the contour of your body for better snuggling
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Material: Polyester/ Cotton
  • Machine Washable

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