Toga Body Pillow

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      Our Toga Body Pillow Cover Collection

      Dicover here our Himiko Toga dakimakuras collection for anime lovers! Snuggle with your waifu!

      toga dakimakura kissen

      Why should you have a Toga Body Pillow?

      First, this kind of pillow called Dakimakura is perfect for your sleep. You won't be able to do without it anymore! You will be able to hug your waifu as much as you want. She will be only for you. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch.
      A Toga Dakimakura also makes an excellent gift for an MHA fan. Moreover, anime pillows are a good way to bring an original item to your collection and decorate your manga fan room!

      Who is the waifu Toga?

      Himiko Toga is a villain who joined the Super-Villain League led by Tomura Shigaraki. She admires Stain, the Hero Killer, and considers him a role model. She also says she wants to kill and "be" him.
      Himiko is a cheerful and strange girl who always has a broad smile, even in dangerous situations. She is always overexcited and playful and blushes all the time. She is also quite confident in her abilities and can sometimes be a bit reckless. When she takes action, she uses a dagger and a gadget to pump blood from her victims. She also wears a few other accessories. Himiko seems to be quite mentally unstable. She tries to make friends with those she tries to kill and has a twisted view of love. According to her, it is only natural to want to be like the one you love, to the point of literally becoming that person. Despite being a bit of a psychopath, she sometimes acts childishly and supports her allies. She loves blood, and her bipolar behavior significantly destabilizes her opponents.