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      Discover our collection of Kurisu Makise Body Pillows! 

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      Heart-Stopping Kurisu Makise Body Pillows

      Welcome to the most elaborate collection of Kurisu Makise Dakimakura on the entire World Wide Web. These Dakimakura of Kurisu are the ideal companions for you so long as you’ve chosen this astute lady as your one and only Waifu. Thanks to these alluring covers of Kurisu, you can now cuddle with her all night long! There’s just a no better way to make her yours, finally. Kurisu is a genius who graduated from university at seventeen and became a member of the Brain Science Institute at Viktor Chondria University. Best girl? No doubt! Get ready to fall into blissful slumber every day while gazing into the mesmerizing eyes of this beauty. Don’t forget that you’ll get to wake up to her every morning too! Picture how you can hold her tight in your arms and never let go… She may be timid sometimes, but her mature personality and sarcasm shine through. Bid your phone addictions and/or insomnia their final farewell because these Dakimakura will become the focus of your attention! 

      Let bad days come as they may because you can now find the drive to move forward knowing that Kurisu-san is waiting for you at home. These Dakimakura are more than just pillows. They are your emotional support 24/7! Additionally, these are carefully woven with high-quality fabric to ensure healthy sleep every night. So let Kurisu’s beautiful violet eyes whisk you away to the realm of dreams, where some spicy experiences with your Waifu await. It’s sure to give your body the utmost comfort, allowing you to wake up feeling reenergized. These would also serve as beautiful decorations for your cultured room, the highlights that mesmerizes all guests.

      Why should you get a Kurisu Body Pillow?

       A long pillow, a.k.a. Japanese pillow, is specifically crafted to bestow upon you excellent sleep. They will ensure you maintain the correct sleeping posture while relaxing your tired muscles and joints. Never feel lonely in the dead of night ever again, as Kurisu is here to make it all better. She is a severe and sensible young woman, typically calm and collected even when confronted with tension. There’s no way she’ll let you down! 

      Who is Kurisu Makise?

      Kurisu Makise is the genius daughter of Shouichi Makise, who later became an esteemed member of the Future Gadget Lab. As one of the main characters of the Steins;Gate series, she is shown to dislike being nicknamed frequently. She is also very practical and a realist, almost to a fault, unfortunately. But following the discovery of SERN's research on time travel, she finally comes to terms with the truth. With all that is said and done, Kurisu usually treats others depending on how they treat her. As such, she will even make disrespectful remarks at respectful people but is otherwise typically kind. She is also a Tsundere by nature, though she hates to admit it. So don’t take her hesitation to confess her feelings negatively because she does love her SO very much. The best time to find out for sure is when she’s drunk! 

      Fan eines anderen Husbando/Waifu?

      Different tastes and preferences are entirely typical. If the Waifu/Husbando you’ve been searching for isn’t on this page, worry not, they are only a few clicks away. The perfect Dakimakura of your dreams is waiting for you somewhere in our incredible collection. So please sit back, relax, and leisurely browse through our site to find them. 

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