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      Devilish Keqing Body Pillows collection

      Traveler, the journey has been challenging but now it's time to rest. What better way to spend your well-deserved break than to browse through the best collections of Keqing Body Pillows on the Internet? These Dakimakura of Keqing are the ideal companions if you’ve chosen the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing as your Waifu. Thanks to these charming covers of Keqing, you can now cuddle with her all night long! There’s just no better way to make her yours finally!

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      Keqing is an Electro-wielding Sword character who has been in Genshin Impact since the beginning. She works as the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, preferring to seek out her own answers rather than idly letting chaos run amok in the region of Liyue. She is a headstrong girl who has chosen her path via her power and ability, determined to not let the gods decide her fate. Is there a better candidate for best girl? So fall into blissful slumber every day while gazing into the mesmerizing eyes of this beauty. Don’t forget that she’ll still be there for you when you awaken. Imagine holding her tightly in your arms and showering her with love… Moreover, you can finally say “Sayonara” to those with phone addictions and insomnia, because these Dakimakura will demand all your attention! 

      Let bad days come and go, because Keqing is here beside you. You will always find comfort in knowing that she is waiting for you amidst the warmth of your bed. These Dakimakura aren’t just your pillows, they are your emotional support! Additionally, these beauties are carefully woven with high-quality fabric to give you a healthy night’s sleep each day. So let Keqing’s brilliant purple eyes carry you away to dreamland, where you will have some exotic experiences with her! It's built to grant your body the utmost comfort while helping you wake up feeling energized. On a final note, these are the ideal decorations for your bedroom, guaranteed to mesmerize any visitors!

      Why should you get a Keqing Body Pillow?

      A long pillow, a.k.a. Japanese pillow, is specifically crafted to grant you an excellent night’s sleep. These will ensure you maintain the right sleeping postures, all while relaxing your weary muscles and joints. You will never feel lonely atop your own bed ever again, because Keqing is here to spice up your days. She is a workaholic at her core and was subjected to pressure even as a child. As such, her perfectionism pertaining to work wears out most of her employees, leading them to resign. But fans know how strong her sense of responsibility and tenacity is, so don't ever resign on her!

      Who is Keqing?

      Keqing is possibly the greatest skeptic of Liyue. She firmly believes in humanity’s ability to deal with its problems, so Morax’s retirement affected her greatly. As their God’ duties fell upon the Qixing, she started seeing their Archon differently, realizing the sheer magnitude of work he bore for centuries. This led to her "self-reflection" phase, followed by the immense respect she has for Morax. At the same time, she remains skeptical of Visions, viewing it as both a challenge and an insult. She is one of the few characters who attempt to destroy it, but failed miserably. Over time, she grew to acknowledge the various uses of Visions and even learned to appreciate them.

      Keqing has been a Standard Banner 5-Star unit since Genshin Impact Version 1.0. While many coveted her back then, she was mostly regarded as a “Pity Destroyer” and “50/50 Ruiner” afterward. But the highly anticipated Electro Buff changed things because Dendro’s addition made Keqing shine once again as a solid DPS. She was the only Standard 5-Star Character to get her Featured Banner in Genshin Impact!

      Fan eines anderen Husbando/Waifu?

      Tastes and preferences differ, so it's normal if Keqing doesn’t electrify you. The Waifu/Husbando you’ve been searching for may not be on this particular page, but they are indeed just a few clicks away. The perfect Dakimakura of your dreams is early, awaiting you somewhere within our awesome collection. So we hope you enjoy browsing through the Website for your one-and-only!  

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