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      akeno dakimakura pillow

      Akeno from High School DxD is Rias Gremory's queen and her best friend.
      A dakimakura Akeno will be a great add-on to your room. It will be nice as a decoration item, but it will also become the perfect friend to cuddle with during the night. As you may know, this pillow will make you fill less lonely in your bed and improve your sleep position. It comes in two types of fabric; Peach Skin and 2 Way Tricots. Jump in the free delivery offer to enjoy your dear waifu at home. 

      Why Akeno Body Pillow Cover 

      Akeno is the perfect wife material. Everyone loves her because she is elegant and gentle. This Akeno Waifu Body Pillow will make your friends envious!  Akeno, one of the main characters of High school DxD, is all cute and innocent until she starts to battle. The former fallen angel know to be highly sadistic and love to see her enemies in great pain.