Bakugo Körper Kopfkissen


      Attention! Bakugo's Body Pillow covers are here!

      Discover the cushion covers with the effigy of a great character from the anime My Hero Academia. An explosive hero with whom you won't get bored. It won't be easy to channel this little demon to find sleep by his side.*

      Why a Bakugo dakimakura?

      Bakugo, or Bakugou, is a charismatic hero. Created by the author Kohei Horikoshi, it is simply one of the characters who come directly to our mind when we evoke anime. He makes an ideal dakimakura cushion for those who love colorful heroes. Indeed Katsuki Bakugo is distinguished by his pig-like character! He can be rude, angry, and has a huge ego that makes him highly arrogant towards others, especially Deku. So why a Dakimakura Bakugo?  We love him because he gives dynamism to the series. His exaggerations and his anger are a comic spring. Moreover, Bakugo, despite his young age, is already very powerful. He is considered a genius, and many think he promised to become one of the strongest heroes of his generation. Besides, one of his craziest dreams is to surpass the great All Might! This Husbando is not just a brute. He is also brilliant and creative in using his Alter. After all, he can even fly through the air using his explosions. Speaking of his powers, they are among the classiest in the series and ultimately reflect his temperament. 

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